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  Reddening, distance modulus & Fe/H of RRLs in w Cen (Bono+, 2019)
    J/ApJ/870/115/table1(c)Individual iron abundances, reddenings, and true distance moduli for ωCen RR Lyrae stars (RRLs) based on REDIME (REddening, DIstance modulus and MEtallicity) algorithm (170 rows)
  Abundances in globular clusters (Russell 1997)
    J/A+A/326/1069/table5Measured Abundances for M2 (66 rows)
    J/A+A/326/1069/table6Measured Abundances for M13 (91 rows)
    J/A+A/326/1069/table7Measured Abundances for M56 (73 rows)
    J/A+A/326/1069/table9Equivalent widths for FeI and FeI for standard stars (79 rows)
    J/A+A/326/1069/table10Equivalent widths for programme stars (309 rows)
  The globular cluster M14.II. Variable stars (Contreras Pena+, 2018)
    J/AJ/155/116/table23(c)Properties of variable stars found in M14 (tables 2 and 3)[timeSerie] (130 rows)
    J/AJ/155/116/table45Amplitude ratios and phase differences from Fourier analysis for c-type RR Lyrae stars (table 4) and RRab stars (table 5) (84 rows)
    J/AJ/155/116/table67Derived parameters for c-type RR Lyrae stars (table 6) and RRab stars (table 7) (25 rows)
    J/AJ/155/116/table8(c)Mean physical parameters of RR Lyrae stars in GCs (27 rows)
    J/AJ/155/116/table1Light curves of variable stars of M14 (35892 rows)
  VR CCD photometry of variable stars in the GC NGC 4147 (Lata+, 2019)
    J/AJ/158/51/variables(c)The photometric data, period, amplitude, radial distance, classification (table 2) and membership probabilities (table 3) of 42 variables in the region of NGC 4147[timeSerie] (42 rows)
    J/AJ/158/51/table4The Fourier light-curve fitting parameters of individual RRab, RRc, and other variables (44 rows)
    J/AJ/158/51/table5The physical parameters of RRab and RRc variables (23 rows)
    J/AJ/158/51/fig5The phased light curves of known variable stars in V and R bands (4860 rows)
    J/AJ/158/51/fig6The phased light curves of newly identified variable stars in V and R bands (14173 rows)
    J/AJ/158/51/fig7The phased light curves of V1, V6, V7 and V12 in V and R bands (1574 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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